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Location: VINCI - Pieta, VINCI - San Gwann

Product Details:

Vin Bouquet - Cooking thermometer used to check the exact temperatire of food which is cooking in the oven or on the stove.

Constantly checks the cooking degree of the food, can be used in oven or BBQ
2 cooking modes: Manual or ptr-programmed (pre-programmed temperatures can be modified according to your taste)
Includes: Minute function, retractable foot, and magnet, 1-meter flexible cable

Instructions on how to use:

  • Insert the end of the probe at least 2 cm deep, from the thickest part of the meat cut, but without touching the bone or cartilage 
  • Select the time and the temperature
  • Before closing the oven door, you must make sure that the cable has enough allowance for the probe to remain stable when the door closes
  • The base should be placed on a stable surface outside the oven and be well connected to the probe. Do not place it on a hot surface, to avoid damaging it
  • When the expected temperature is reached, an alarm will set off, to deactivate it set the mode to the "0" stop position   or disconnect the probe from the base of the device
  • Before removing the food from the oven, disconnect the cable from the base and avoid touching the cable with bare hands