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Food lover's Diary

19 October, 2018

Day of the life of a food lover, who loves preparing food for her friends (and rewards herself with the best tools to create her magic)

A beautiful summer evening and she prepares a dinner for her friends, which she planned that they eat al fresco. Cooking has always been her magic, her kitchen, her sanctuary. On one side of her diary she has her travel bucket list, on the other - wish list for kitchen gadgets, latest present to herself was a high quality WMF Chef's knife, that did set a trend for the upcoming months. She already possess a small collection of them. One of the best activities on Tuesday (her day off), would be to go to her favorite kitchen shop  and make a mental note what shall she treat herself to on her pay day. That makes a very easy choice for her friends when it comes to presents too, they just buy her a voucher from the shop and she spends it on whatever she wants to add to her collection. They know they will benefit from it too - their taste buds will rejoice, tasting culinary experiments from every corner of the world. 

The table is laid perfectly, she chose those rimless plates by Tafelstern, which are a perfect canvas for any dish she would like to experiment with, added advantage is that they are extremely sturdy, no other set has survived all the banging and use without a simple chip. Her choice of Cutlery - WMF with no doubt, the knives have a special design you can rest them on the plate and they would not slide off creating a mess on the table. She was browsing instagram for food decoration idea on her plates and she has noticed they use the same cutlery (she gave herself a mental pat on the shoulder for the excellent choice).

Talking about experimenting she had to find a recipe to try in her new dutch oven, the choice was made - Mediterranean-style wine braised lamb shanks with vegetables - just looking at it is mouth watering. She entrusts the wine paring to a dear friend who, knows a thing or two about wine and always finds the proper wine which will enhance the dish. Glasses - of course are Spiegelau, she has had them for 5 years already and they are brilliant - after so many washes!  

The evening was a success - sharing food and wine with dear friends, a lot of laughter and good memories. Already looking forward to the next adventure.

That was a day of the life of one of our esteemed customers who of course  we are lucky to have at VINCI. We are glad we can cater for all her wishes, so she can create her magic in a kitchen she loves.

Another day is scheduled already :)


Our protagonist is fictional but is based on 2 real life stories of our customers. Pics are of #playground #temptaste #tafelstern #wmf
Credit for the yummy dishes on the two pics of Playground and Tafelstern should go to @eurohspitality and @restochef