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Gift Registry Online - DIY

18 July, 2018
You can create your registry from the comfort of your home

Creating your Gift registry - different occasions

There are different occasions which traditionally are connected with presents - birthdays, house warming parties, engagement and wedding celebrations.
And some not so traditional ones, like celebrating somebodies fresh start after a break up, divorce or stages in life when we wish to turn a new leaf and our friends gladly want to contribute to that moment.

Why gift list in the first place?

No matter if it is a wedding list, engagement list or whatever the occasion, both sides would like the same outcome - happy gift giver and happy gift receiver.
If you came to the conclusion that you want a gift list, so that you:
1. make your guests life easy by choosing something you really like/need,
2. receive items of high quality which you always buy as a presents but never allow to splurge on yourself,
3. have good quality items which will serve you for many years and will bring you joy.
We congratulate you for the decision and welcome you to VINCI.
You are most welcome to book an appointment with us and we can assist you in selecting what you wish to have on your wish list!  If however, you wish to create your list from the comfort of your home (or office in the lunch break :))) you can do that online. This could be a first step before you come to us to finalize it together, or it can be the only step :)

How to create your Gift Registry online?

There are few simple steps to follow:

1.Log in your existing account, or if you don't have one yet - create an account with us.
2.Go to the "Gift Registry" tab and fill in the details. You can have a Co-Registrant, depending on the occasion. You can also add a photo and decide how private you want your gift list to be: 
Registry Status
 Public Registry (available to everyone through registry search, and direct access using direct link)
 Private Registry (available only to those, who have your unique ID or direct link to your Gift Registry)
3. Browse the shop and have fun adding items - click on the item and click "add to gift registry" with the desired quantity. You can change your mind and edit the list at any time and you can add items even after you send it to your guests.
4. Check if you are happy with it :) once you click Gift registry in your account you have few tabs - explore them to make sure you are happy with the details.
Your Gift Registry| Registry Information| Tell About Your Registry| Guest's View Of Your Registry
5. Now tell your friends :)  from the "Tell About Your Registry" tab you can share it on Facebook, or directly input the emails.
Or you can do it from your e-mail by giving them Registry ID or Direct link to your registry. 

It will be sufficient even just to share with them (write it in the invitation) that VINCI host your registry for you and once they go to and go to the gift registry search they can type your name and find it. If you want to keep it private they will need the ID or link though.

That is all :) enjoy receiving your gifts.

Ahhh there is a Number 6 

6. even though we are all high tech, high efficient gals and boys, some people still prefer mortar and brick, so your guests are most welcome to buy your gifts from our shops 


As always same general rules apply - once the special event is over and you had the time to enjoy unwrapping your gifts, you might decide that you wish to return something and use the credit for something else which you have in mind, or what proves to be more practical in your case. 

And !!! As a thank you for choosing VINCI to host your list, we present you with a voucher of 10% of the total amount spent by your guests with us excl. the VAT