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18 March, 2017
You are so looking forward to your sunshine filled wedding. You have organized the venue, THE DRESS, the guest lists, the cake and even engraved napkins with your names… all your desired wishes are coming true. All your energy is focused on that wonderful day- the event of your life. 
Gliding your finger down the checklist you come across “gift list”… VINCI … when it comes to the presents you want to go for quality, style and durability.
We will be delighted to assist you.   

Here is a list of tips, what we find works best to ease you into your choice

1. Make a draft list of your wedding presents via our online shop. We have all products listed. This will definitely assist with ideas before you actually visit VINCI and finalize your list.
 If  you wish to create your list from the comfort of your home (or office in the lunch break :))) you can do that online. See : Gift Registry Online - DIY 
2. Some brainstorming ideas :
• Cooking – we need pots and pans, sharpest knifes and other preparation items.
• Eating - a good, durable, dishwasher safe dining set for 6 or more people will be needed, and of course, a sleek solid cutlery set which looks perfect on every occasion.
• Serving – Whether you are serving guests by the pool, on the veranda or at the table you must have the right tasteful tools to do the job.
• Drinking – Whether it is our favourite morning coffee or having an afternoon G&T, or your favourite red wine with your dinner, cups and glasses are a must.
• Entertaining -  besides the beautiful glassware you will definitely need a decanter, wine accessories, cocktail sets, platters, cheese boards and so much more.
• Living – You obviously want to live surrounded by beautiful decorative items which will bring joy to your life.
3. Give your guests a wide choice and the possibility to create sets of items.
4. Even if an item is beyond the usual spend, if you want it dearly, then put it on the list. Some guests like to pool in and purchase that perfect gift.
5. Once you have your wedding gift wish list done – give us a call to make an appointment. We would love to assist you through the final process. Make sure you have an hour or two to spare.
6.  Enjoy the process! This is a wonderful moment when people encourage you to ask for what you want, and they are happy to grant your wishes in the best possible way 
7. If you don’t have the time to brainstorm just go directly to point 5, we will be delighted to take you through each step.